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Summer Camp Day 2 at DPIS Bikaner: Fun, Creativity, and Ice Cream Galore!

**Summer Camp Day 2 at DPIS Bikaner: Fun, Creativity, and Ice Cream Galore!**
Day 2 of the DPIS Bikaner Summer Camp was an exhilarating mix of learning and fun! Our campers showed off their moves in dance class, where they learned new choreography and improved their rhythm and coordination.
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On the badminton court, students displayed their athletic prowess, mastering serves and rallies.
Indoors, the chess enthusiasts sharpened their strategic thinking with challenging matches, while the artists among us explored their creativity through tie and dye and pebble painting, producing colorful, unique pieces.
The culinary session, Gourmet Goodness, had everyone excited as they learned to prepare delicious treats, fostering teamwork
and culinary skills. Meanwhile, budding calligraphers refined their penmanship, mastering elegant strokes and intricate designs.
To top off this fantastic day, DPIS Bikaner treated all campers to refreshing ice creams, a delightful way to cool down and celebrate their achievements. Here’s to more amazing experiences and memories at our summer camp!

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