DPIS Bikaner is Managed By Knowledge Education Foundation (Regd)

Club & Houses

Our Vibrant House System

Fostering Identity, Pride, and Positive Competition

C. V. Raman House

Students in this house channel their energies towards intellectual pursuits and innovative thinking.

Rana Pratap House

Members engage in activities that foster bravery, resilience, and community service.

Dhyan Chand House

Students in this house excel in sporting events, showcasing teamwork and dedication.

Mother Teresa House

Members actively contribute to social causes, fostering empathy and kindness.

House Activities & Competitions

They are vibrant communities that come alive through a myriad of activities and spirited competitions.

Dynamic Competitions:

Engage in the thrill of scholastic, sporting, and co-scholastic competitions organized in-house.

House Leadership Roles:

Witness the leadership journey of House Captains and Vice-Captains as they guide their houses through the academic year.

Camaraderie Through Challenges:

Discover the unique traditions and oaths taken by House Captains and Vice-Captains at the beginning of each year.

What we Offer

Our Clubs

DPIS Clubs: Nurturing Passions, Fostering Skills, and Inspiring Lifelong Learning.

Debate Club

Fostering articulate communication, critical thinking, and persuasive skills through engaging debates and discussions.

Cultural Club

Celebrating diversity and promoting cultural awareness through events, performances, and activities that showcase various traditions.

Sports Club

Encouraging physical fitness, teamwork, and sportsmanship through a variety of sports activities and competitions.

Dance and Theatre Club

Cultivating performing arts skills, including dance routines and theatrical performances, promoting self-expression.

Robotics Club

Engaging students in the exciting world of robotics, fostering problem-solving and technological innovation.

Music & Art Club

Providing a platform for musical enthusiasts to explore, learn, and showcase their talents in both Western and Indian music.