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Cultivating Excellence in Every Lesson

The DPIS curriculum is a dynamic blend of traditional academic excellence and innovative, experiential learning. From Play Group to Senior School, our commitment is to foster holistic development, encouraging curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking. Our three-frame approach—Integral, Instructional, and Experiential—ensures a well-rounded education. The curriculum seamlessly integrates subjects, prioritizes skill development, and offers exposure to diverse co-curricular activities. With a focus on global perspectives and future-ready skills, DPIS prepares students for academic success, leadership roles, and meaningful contributions to the community. At DPIS, education is an inspiring journey that empowers students to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

Integral Frame

Immersing students in the Integral Frame challenges them physically, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually in every lesson.

Instructional Frame

Focused on core skills, the Instructional Frame targets subjects like mathematics, English, music theory, and languages.

Experiential Frame

Dedicated extended time each day to the Experiential Frame connects students to real-world enterprises.

About Curriculum


Our teaching methodology is intricately tied to our school’s mission: guiding students to discover their unique abilities, fostering global awareness, and ensuring universal access to our curriculum:

  • Differentiated Teaching: We focus on individual student needs through continuous monitoring and personal interactions on a weekly basis.
  • Learning Pathway Support: Our teaching ethos combines student-centered learning practices, anchored in key areas that support each student’s unique learning pathway.
  • Communication & Support: our approach involves creating a providing guided practice, and introducing mastery activities for comprehensive learning.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: DPIS provides cutting-edge facilities that enhance the learning experience.
  • Innovative Methodologies: The school adopts innovative teaching methods, encouraging critical thinking and adaptability.

At DPIS, education is not just about knowledge; it’s a dynamic journey towards self-discovery and lifelong learning

Our curriculam

Your Child's Bright Future Starts Here!​

Delhi Public International School’s curriculum transcends traditional boundaries, fostering holistic development and innovative learning. With a focus on skills, creativity, and resilience, we shape young minds for a future of boundless opportunities and success.

Play Group & Pre Primary Curriculum

Joyful Exploration, Integrated Learning, Foundation Building, Creative Adventures.

Junior School Curriculum

Creative Compatibility, Cognitive Development, Diverse Subjects, Holistic Growth.

Primary School Curriculum

Foundation Laying, Critical Thinking, Problem-Solving, Effective Interaction Skills.

Middle School Curriculum

Experiential Learning, Skills Development, Co-curricular Exposure, Self-Discovery.

High School Curriculum

Exciting Challenges, Creative Thinking, Board Exam Preparation, Balanced Knowledge.

Senior School Curriculum

Leadership Focus, Career-Oriented Skills, Hi-Tech Learning, Three Stream Choices.

Why Choose DPIS

Unleashing Excellence Every Day

Discover the DPIS advantage—a unique blend of excellence, holistic development, and innovative education that sets us apart. Here’s why DPIS is the ideal choice for those seeking a transformative educational experience:

Excellence in Education

At DPIS, excellence isn't a goal; it's our foundation. We focus on academic mastery, practical skills, and lifelong learning. Our dedicated faculty guides students, fostering achievement in every academic facet.

Holistic Development

DPIS prioritizes holistic growth. Beyond academics, our programs span sports academies, skills classes, and social-emotional learning. We shape well-rounded individuals, poised for success in a dynamic world.

Innovative Teaching, Global Exposure

DPIS offers innovative, globally informed education. Dedicated educators cultivate future-focused skills—problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity. We prepare students for success in a globalized society, shaping local leaders and global learners.


What Other Parents Have to Say

I am incredibly impressed with the holistic approach of Delhi Public International School. The curriculum not only nurtures academic excellence but also instills values and fosters creativity. My child's growth here has been exceptional, setting a strong foundation for a bright future.

Mr. Jaiveer Godara President Maru Pradesh Nirman Morcha

At DPIS, my child thrives in a stimulating and supportive environment. The curriculum's innovative methods promote critical thinking and practical skills. The dedicated teachers and comprehensive approach make DPIS a beacon for quality education and overall development.

Mr. Lokesh Middha Businessman

As a parent, I appreciate DPIS for its visionary approach. The curriculum goes beyond textbooks, encouraging critical thinking and creativity. The extracurricular clubs and global perspectives have broadened my child's horizons. DPIS truly prepares students for the challenges of the ever-evolving world

Mr. Gurmel Singh Govt. Employee