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**Day 3 at DPIS Bikaner Summer Camp: Fun and Learning Combined!**

Day 3 at DPIS Bikaner’s Summer Camp was a perfect mix of activities that kept students excited and engaged:
**Aerobics:** Students kicked off the day with energizing aerobics, learning the importance of fitness and healthy living.
**Clay Art:** In the clay art session, they crafted unique sculptures, boosting their creativity and fine motor skills.
**Chess:** The chess activities sharpened their strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities.
**Badminton:** On the badminton court, students enhanced their physical fitness, coordination, and teamwork.
**Bikanopedia:** They explored Bikaner’s rich cultural heritage, fostering pride and a deeper connection to their roots.
**Calligraphy:** The calligraphy workshop improved their handwriting and taught them the art of beautiful writing.
**Fun Games Turtle Race:** The turtle race was a hit, teaching perseverance and providing loads of fun.
**Music:** The music session ended the day on a high note, fostering creativity and a love for the arts.
Overall, Day 3 was packed with valuable lessons and unforgettable experiences. Stay tuned for more excitement!

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